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Classic Diffuser Necklace

Green & Gold Tassel Necklace



My name is Amanda Warnock and I am the owner of and designer for Created by Amanda. I started making jewellery many years ago and many years later, making beaded jewellery is still my passion!

On my site, you will be able to find handcrafted jewellery designs featuring beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets and beaded earrings. Any of my designs will make the perfect gift or fashion accessory.

I pride myself on my handcrafting expertise, attention to detail, colour combinations and the design aesthetics of the jewellery pieces I create. I offer high-quality handcrafted jewellery to those that are looking for that unique piece that they just can't find anywhere else.

Each piece is lovingly crafted by me, nothing is mass-produced. I use only the best products available in my beaded jewellery such as unique gemstones, stunning pearls, Swarovski crystals and Miyuki Seed and Delica Beads. 


PH: 0459 703 713

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